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The need for technology to address bias in medical devices | Health

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 20, 2024
The need for technology to address bias in medical devices | Health

The recent independent review on equity in medical devices sheds light on the ways in which advancements in medical technology can either contribute to addressing societal biases and health inequalities or worsen them. The report highlights the need for scientists and engineers to innovate in ways that promote equity and inclusivity in medical device development.

One key aspect that needs to be addressed is the need to move beyond a superficial engagement with patients. Technology development cannot rely solely on the perspectives of engineers and healthcare professionals. It must take into account the diverse social, cultural, and health experiences of different groups of people. This requires actively involving marginalized communities in the design and development process.

Additionally, it is crucial for engineers to recognize that the impact of medical technologies is not solely determined by the devices themselves. Factors such as access to healthcare professionals and cultural values can significantly influence how medical devices are used and the distribution of benefits over time. Therefore, a holistic approach that considers both technical and social aspects is essential for promoting equity in technology development.

In order to create equitable medical devices, funding should be directed towards addressing these challenges and developing solutions that are both technical and social in nature. By prioritizing inclusivity and sensitivity to exclusion, the benefits of future medical devices can be shared by all members of society. The work of the Equitable Technology Laboratory at the University of York, led by Professors Steven Johnson and Jonathan Ensor, is an example of efforts to promote equity in technology development.

By Samantha Johnson

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