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The NFL’s Playoff Overtime Rules Leave Players Confused: A Look at Mecole Hardman’s Game-Winning Touchdown in Super Bowl LVIII.


Feb 12, 2024
Patrick Mahomes has to inform Mecole Hardman of overtime rule in order to secure game-winning touchdown

The NFL’s playoff overtime rules are not well-known, and this includes the player who scored the game-ending touchdown in overtime of Super Bowl LVIII. Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman, who caught the game-winning pass from Patrick Mahomes in overtime, didn’t realize that the Chiefs had won the game.

Hardman has now earned a place in history after catching the game-winning pass, but he didn’t realize it at the time. Mahomes revealed on NFL Network after the game that he had to inform Hardman in the end zone that they had just won. This was the first game played under the new overtime rules for the playoffs, which ensure that both teams have a possession even if the team that receives the kickoff scores a touchdown.

Mahomes shared a funny story about the moment, recalling that he had to assure Hardman that they had just won after throwing a touchdown pass to him to end the game. He mentioned that Hardman had no idea they had won and didn’t even celebrate initially. However, after being informed by Mahomes, Hardman realized his mistake and celebrated with his teammates.

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