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The Ominous Return of Overserving: Fargo’s Windbreak Bar Denied Liquor License Renewal for Second Time

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Fargo City Commission Upholds Second Windbreak Overserving Violation, Deeming Business a Threat to Community

During a recent special City Commission meeting in Fargo, the Windbreak had their second liquor license violation upheld unanimously. The Liquor Control Board had initially made this decision against the bar in January. Commissioner Dave Piepkorn, who serves on the Liquor Control Board, expressed his concerns about the dangers of allowing the Windbreak to continue operating, especially in regard to overserving customers.

The Windbreak’s attorney, Tim O’Keeffe, argued during the meeting that the bar had made improvements in the past year, such as implementing ID scanners and attending de-escalation training. O’Keeffe acknowledged that there were issues that needed to be addressed and that the bar had cooperated with the city and police department. However, Police reported visiting the Windbreak 19 times in 2023 in relation to overserving, significantly more than any other establishment. Chief Dave Zibolski noted that there seems to be a prevalent culture of overserving at the Windbreak, which is concerning to both commissioners and law enforcement.

The hearing was prompted by incidents, including one in October where a man was served 14 drinks in under two hours and another in August where a woman crashed her vehicle after leaving the bar. Mayor Mahoney has previously mentioned that it typically takes four violations before a business risks having their license revoked. Piepkorn reiterated his belief that the Windbreak poses a danger to the community and suggested an indefinite suspension of their license until significant changes are made.

In response to this decision, The Windbreak was fined $1000 and had their license suspended for one day as a result of this violation but their attorney has stated they plan to appeal this decision in civil court.

By Samantha Johnson

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