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The Power of Attractiveness: How Good Looks Affect Social and Professional Progress in the US


Feb 13, 2024
Beauty aids men further

A research conducted in the US has shown that having an attractive appearance can aid in social progress. According to the study, individuals who were considered attractive or very attractive during their youth were more likely to attain higher education, greater earnings, and more esteemed occupations than their parents. The study was carried out by University of Oslo Alexi Gugushvili and the Polish Academy of Sciences Grzegorz Bulczak, using data from US youth who had been tracked and interviewed at various times from the 1990s to the 2010s as their research material.

The results of the study showed that an attractive appearance benefited both men and women, with men experiencing more professional advantages from their looks. For instance, good looks played a significant role in professional success for men, including obtaining raises, promotions, and desired jobs. In contrast, women gained benefits from attractive appearances mainly in terms of education and income.

The researchers suggested that their findings could have been influenced by cultural factors specific to the United States. They proposed that it would be fascinating to investigate if the same phenomenon occurs in societies with less economic and gender inequality, such as Finland or Denmark.

In addition to professional advancement, an attractive appearance can also affect subjective evaluations of employers and teachers, impacting an individual’s income and education. Overall, this study suggests that an appealing appearance can provide social and professional advantages, particularly for men.

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