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The Shock of Silent Dangers: Why Many Americans are Clueless About Their Health Numbers and What You Can Do


Feb 13, 2024
Americans are lacking important health number knowledge, survey finds

As per a survey by Ohio State, only 35% of Americans are aware of their blood pressure and just 44% can identify their ideal weight. Even fewer know their cholesterol levels and blood sugar. This indicates that many Americans struggle to remember important health numbers that could provide valuable insight into their heart health.

Erica Hutson, a young woman who considers herself healthy, was shocked to discover she had high cholesterol despite eating well and staying active. Her experience underscores the importance of monitoring these numbers, as they can offer crucial information about heart health.

Cardiologist Dr. Laxmi Mehta emphasizes the need for individuals to be proactive in understanding and managing these numbers. Knowing if your health numbers are within a healthy range is critical for making lifestyle changes or using medication to improve them.

Hutson’s experience has made her more vigilant about her own health and inspired her to set a good example for her children when it comes to being proactive about heart health. She hopes to instill in them the importance of knowing and managing their health numbers.

It’s easy to keep track of these important health numbers during a wellness check with your doctor. By staying informed and attentive to any changes in your health numbers, you can take an active role in your healthcare journey.

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