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The Unveiling: An Exclusive Interview with Kylie Kelce on her Husband’s Retirement Speech

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
“Kylie Kelce Shares Insights on Jason Kelce’s Retirement and NFL Career” – NBC Sports Philadelphia

In an exclusive interview with NBC10, Kylie Kelce, wife of retired NFL player Jason Kelce, shared her thoughts on his retirement speech. Kylie revealed that she was the only person who had heard the speech before he delivered it to the media on Monday afternoon. She described the speech as a perfect summary of his 13-year career as an NFL player, calling it an incredible run.

Kylie said that Jason had been working on the speech for years and had heard multiple versions over the last four years. Each year, he seemed to start from scratch, examining what was on the surface. She emphasized that he had been contemplating retirement for years, making the decision even more significant.

During the interview, Kylie reflected on Jason’s speech, particularly the part where he described the moment they first met. She recalled the emotional moment but also found it amusing, especially since Jason was intoxicated that night. She appreciated his words but felt that he gave her too much credit.

Following Jason’s speech, there was a strong reaction from Eagles fans and NFL viewers. Kylie acknowledged the outpouring of love and support, expressing gratitude for the impact her husband had on people’s lives. She found the response both expected and shocking, considering how Jason conducted himself and how it resonated with others.

As Jason Kelce’s retirement took effect, many were left wondering what his next move would be. While he has not announced any plans yet, one thing is clear – his legacy in football will live on for years to come.

Kelce spent 13 seasons in the NFL with Philadelphia Eagles before announcing his retirement last week during a press conference at Lincoln Financial Field. His wife Kylie sat down for an exclusive interview with NBC10 to discuss her reaction to his speech and more.

During her interview with NBC10’s Mike Michaels and Jessica Williams, Kylie revealed that she was aware of every version of her husband’s retirement speech before it was delivered publicly.

“Jason worked really hard on this speech,” said Kylie Kelce “He’d always start from scratch every time we talked about it.”

Kelce expressed gratitude towards his wife for being supportive throughout his career.

“I appreciate everything you did,” said Kelce “You always supported me no matter what.”

The couple met in college at Washington University in St Louis when they were both members of their school’s football team.

“We hit it off right away,” said Kelce “We were both really competitive.”

By Samantha Johnson

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