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The US Army Uses OpenAI’s GPT Models in Battle Planning, but AI on the Battlefield Raises Ethical Concerns

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Report: US Army Testing Generative AI Chatbots in Military Exercises

The US Army Research Laboratory is currently conducting experiments to determine if OpenAI’s generative AI solutions can aid in battle planning, specifically within a military video game setting. US Army researchers are using OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo and GPT-4 Vision models to provide information on simulated battlefield terrain, details on friendly and enemy forces, and military tactics for attacking and defending. In addition to these models, they are also utilizing two other AI models based on older technology.

Once given the mission to destroy enemy forces and seize an objective point, the AI assistants generated multiple courses of action for consideration. While OpenAI’s GPT models outperformed the other models in the task, they also caused more casualties while carrying out mission objectives. This use of generative AI is just a small aspect of the US Army’s broader efforts to leverage artificial intelligence in military strategy.

Project Maven, the US Department of Defense’s flagship AI project, has been successful in locating rocket launchers in Yemen, surface vessels in the Red Sea, and narrowing targets for strikes in Iraq and Syria. However, the potential use of AI on the battlefield raises ethical concerns about delegating life-and-death decisions to machines. While this notion may evoke comparisons to science fiction movies like the Terminator series, the military continues to explore and invest in AI capabilities. The Pentagon has requested billions of dollars from US lawmakers to advance its artificial intelligence and networking capabilities, in addition to creating Chief Digital and AI Officer roles to drive the integration and utilization of technology across the department.

By Samantha Johnson

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