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The US Drafts Ceasefire Resolution for Gaza Amid Engineer Programming Needs and Sports Updates

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Al Jazeera: New draft Security Council resolution on Gaza prepared by United States

The US delegation to the UN has drafted a new resolution on Gaza that calls for a six-week ceasefire and demands the release of all hostages. According to diplomatic sources, the United States will not rush to put it to a vote in order to give Security Council members enough time to discuss the proposal. The text of the resolution expresses hope that the ceasefire will pave the way for a lasting truce, creating conditions for the implementation of Security Council Resolution No. 2720, which focuses on protecting civilians and delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza.

US President Joe Biden stated that Israel has agreed to the terms proposed by mediators and now it is up to Hamas to respond. He expressed optimism that a truce could be reached before Ramadan begins on March 10th. Meanwhile, there are other issues at play, such as engineers needing programming tools and migrating files between different platforms. Magazine Boost lists the top 10 programming tools for engineers, while Newpelis.org provides insights on effortless file sharing methods for Mac-to-Mac transfers. Other articles cover topics such as migrating Google Drive files, phone systems for businesses, essential technologies for small businesses, and effective iPhone hacks for increasing productivity.

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By Samantha Johnson

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