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The Wisconsin Latino Chamber of Commerce Commemorates Latina Business Owners

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 9, 2024
The Wisconsin Latino Chamber of Commerce Commemorates Latina Business Owners

The Wisconsin Latino Chamber of Commerce in Fitchburg was filled with booths on Friday for an International Women’s Day event that highlighted Wisconsin Latina business owners. This second annual event aimed to provide recognition and new opportunities for these leaders. Organizer Helene Palau-Tejeda emphasized the importance of creating spaces for Latina women to connect with each other and support one another.

The event’s theme focused on entrepreneurship on a path to leadership, promoting empowerment for women in business. Attendees expressed their appreciation for the event, recognizing the efforts that women make every day to fight for equality. Nataly Andrade, Co-Founder of Mercadera, noted the impact of celebrating women’s work on International Women’s Day.

Myra Guevara, originally from Guatemala, shared her country’s food and sustainable food practices with the Wisconsin community through her catering business, Antojitos Quetzal. She highlighted the opportunities provided by Wisconsin for women like her to pursue their dreams and build successful businesses. Many other business owners at the event displayed their products and shared their passion for their businesses.

In addition to showcasing their products, the women-owned businesses participated in networking, workshops, panels, and an awards ceremony to empower each other and support their growth. Organizer Helene Palau-Tejeda emphasized the importance of recognizing and supporting women entrepreneurs year-round, not just on International Women’s Day or in Women’s History Month. The event aimed to continue to uplift and empower Latina business owners in Wisconsin.

By Samantha Johnson

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