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Today’s and Tomorrow’s Health

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 21, 2024
Today’s and Tomorrow’s Health

The World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific is organizing a webinar series called “Your Health – Today and Tomorrow” with the aim of facilitating meaningful discussions on key health priorities in the Western Pacific Region from a forward-looking perspective. These priorities include advocating for integrated approaches using primary healthcare for universal health coverage, addressing the impact of climate change on health, preparing for future pandemics, leveraging technology to tackle health disparities, and more. The webinars seek to engage experts, WHO personnel, and individuals with real-life experiences to gather insights on the future of health in the Region.

The inaugural session of the series will focus on addressing Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) in the Region, particularly exploring the social and commercial determinants of health that contribute to NCDs and discussing potential strategies for creating a healthier and more resilient Western Pacific. The session is scheduled for 22nd March 2024 (Friday) from 12:15 PM to 1:30 PM Manila Time (GMT+8).

Dr. Susan Mercado, the Director of Programme Management at the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, will moderate the session, while speakers including Dr. Gade Waqa, Co-Chair of the WHO Western Pacific Region Technical Advisory Group on NCD Prevention and Control, Ms. Sara Damore, Consultant at the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, and Robert Oliver, Executive Director and Founder of Pacific Island Food Revolution, will share their insights and expertise on the topic.

By Samantha Johnson

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