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Transform Candy Wrappers into Festive Decorations and Greeting Cards in Zagreb


Nov 21, 2023

The holiday season is upon us, a time for giving and togetherness. And what’s the most valuable gift we can give someone? Our time and attention. That’s why the special holiday edition of Kraševih smyčka is calling for us to share our ideas, skills, and perspectives in creating the new Kraš holiday range.

The workshop produced special packages that bring Christmas motifs for cutting out and can be made into Christmas decorations. The project was a synergistic collaboration between well-known brands and Sonda’s Creative Center, inviting all interested individuals to join the creation of market-relevant products. The participants once again showed that the power of creativity has no limits. This is the second edition of this program, and we can expect more exciting editions in the future.

As part of the uKRAŠI holiday line, there are special editions of popular Dorina, Winter praline, Kolumba, Mini Tortica, Kids Mix, Moto keksa, and Domaćica in special packaging designed through the Sonda Design By People project. In addition to these products, Kraš is preparing numerous other activities for the holidays, including a cooperation with the humanitarian association Ljude za ljude.

The youngest visitors will be able to make greeting cards in a special corner all next week, which will be distributed to users of the humanitarian association Ljudi za ljude. Through campaigns and donations, they try to provide them with what they need to have a life worthy of a human being. Help is important to them because it allows them to brighten up the holidays for those who really need it. They are especially grateful to all those who helped make greeting cards for their users in addition to providing gift packages and donations.

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