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Trump’s Campaign Spent $750,000 Investigating Election Fraud That Turned Out to Be Nonexistent

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 11, 2024
Trump’s Campaign Spent $750,000 Investigating Election Fraud That Turned Out to Be Nonexistent

A big business emerged to support former President Donald Trump in trying to validate his unfounded claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election. Software engineer Ken Block, who was profiting from this venture, disclosed to Business Insider that he was paid around $750,000 to conduct research aimed at proving the existence of widespread voter fraud in key swing states. These states included Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Despite the significant amount of money he received, Block was unable to find any substantial evidence of voter fraud. In fact, he was able to disprove some of the claims within minutes, citing issues such as incomplete data being misinterpreted as fraudulent, duplicate votes being counted for voters with the same name, and incorrect flagging of mail-in ballot data.

Although Block insists he was not pressured to manipulate his findings, he faced resistance from Trump’s team when he presented his conclusions that the voter fraud claims were unsubstantiated. Block recalled an incident where he proved a claim made in a lawsuit by Trump’s team in Pennsylvania was false, leading to the immediate termination of the conference call he was on.

Former President Trump did not provide a comment in response to Business Insider’s request regarding these revelations. In an op-ed for AZ Central, Block revealed that he found less than 200 duplicate mail-in ballot votes that were fraudulently cast across all the swing states he investigated.

In his upcoming book “Disproven,” Block criticizes Trump and other candidates for refusing to accept their losses graciously and resorting to baseless claims of voter fraud. He accuses them of prioritizing personal gain over the well-being of the country by undermining the democratic process for their own benefit.

Notably, Trump has faced legal repercussions in Georgia related to his attempts to overturn the election results. “Disproven” by Ken Block is set to be released on Tuesday.

By Samantha Johnson

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