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Tulsa Health Department Program Assists First-Time Mothers in Getting Ready for Parenthood

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 25, 2024
Tulsa Health Department Program Assists First-Time Mothers in Getting Ready for Parenthood

The Children First program, offered by the Tulsa Health Department, aims to assist first-time mothers and their families in preparing for parenthood. The primary goal of the program is to enhance prenatal health as well as the growth and development of children.

This program is specifically tailored for first-time mothers who are pregnant. Children First is a home-based program that offers complimentary services allowing mothers to engage with registered nurses through personal visits from the beginning of their pregnancy until their child turns two.

To be eligible for the program, mothers must be less than 29 weeks pregnant, have a monthly income below the federal poverty level, and be experiencing motherhood for the first time. Throughout the home visits, nurses provide a range of information on various topics including community resources, labor and delivery, newborn care, infant care, toddler care, and creating a safe sleep environment.

In the previous year, the Children First program served 341 clients through 4,614 home visits. The vast majority of clients have reported positive impacts from following the guidance provided by the program.

Cathy Sullivan highlighted the benefit of early referrals by stating, “If baby isn’t reaching a milestone, for instance, they can make the appropriate referral early on to make sure things get addressed, rather than waiting till later.”

Children First is actively seeking nurses to join their team and is always looking to assist more mothers. For more information on the program, individuals can contact the Tulsa Health Department at 918-779-6949.

By Samantha Johnson

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