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Tulsa Public Schools to Increase Mental Health Resources Offered

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 10, 2024
Tulsa Public Schools to Increase Mental Health Resources Offered

Thanks to a $9 million federal grant, more students in the Tulsa area will have increased access to mental health resources at school. This funding will allow for more therapists, case managers, and behavioral health workers to be present in a greater number of schools. Since January, Family and Children Services has expanded its support into 11 new schools, including two in the Jenkins School District, two charter schools in Tulsa, and seven at Tulsa Public Schools.

Recognizing the growing need for mental health support for students, Family and Children Services aims to alleviate the strain that schools face in addressing behavioral and emotional issues, as well as instances of suicidality. By partnering with schools and providing licensed professionals, they hope to allow educators to focus on their academic duties while they handle the mental health aspects of student well-being.

Currently, Family and Children Services offers support to 65 schools in Green Country, with Tulsa Public Schools being a major partner. According to TPS, having mental health resources available on-site during the school day is essential for fostering well-being and creating safe, supportive environments for students to thrive. With the expansion, Family and Children Services is able to assist schools in Broken Arrow, Union, Tulsa Public Schools, Jenks, and several charter schools.

By Samantha Johnson

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