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Turning Down the Millions: Alica Schmidt’s Commitment to Values as an Elite Runner


Feb 10, 2024
Alica Schmidt, track star called ‘world’s sexiest athlete,’ reveals she rejected a six-figure sponsorship offer

Alica Schmidt, the renowned German track star, recently turned down a major sponsorship offer from a well-known brand. In an exclusive interview on the OMR podcast, the 25-year-old runner revealed her reasons for rejecting the proposed deal.

Schmidt, who has over five million followers on Instagram and is also part of a partnership with BOSS, noted that she wasn’t fully convinced about the values of the brand she was approached by. She added that while the rejected offer would have been worth a significant sum, likely in the mid to high six figures, it didn’t align with her personal values as an athlete.

In contrast, Schmidt pointed out that members of the German national team typically receive about $739 a month in sponsorship through Sporthilfe. This organization supports athletes and Schmidt herself is aiming to make the team for the upcoming Paris Olympics in the summer.

Despite facing intense physical demands in her sport, Schmidt emphasized how much sense of accomplishment she feels after pushing herself during training sessions. Her dedication and hard work have led her to achieve success at various competitions such as European Athletics U20 Championships and European Athletics U23 Championships where she earned silver and bronze medals respectively.

Through her decision to decline lucrative sponsorship offers, Schmidt demonstrated her commitment to her personal values and priorities as an athlete. As she continues to work towards her Olympic goals, fans can look forward to seeing more of her achievements on track.

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