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Two Idaho Students Chosen to Attend Prestigious National Science Camp- Pullman Radio

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 21, 2024
Two Idaho Students Chosen to Attend Prestigious National Science Camp- Pullman Radio

Two outstanding students from Idaho have been chosen to represent the state at the National Youth Science Camp from June 29 to July 20. The selected students are Geneva McClory, a senior at Moscow High School, and Anna Grace Aiello, a senior at Xavier Charter School in Twin Falls. They will be part of a group of high school students from across the country focusing on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) who will have the opportunity to work with leading professionals during an all-expenses-paid residential camp in West Virginia.

Every year, two students are selected from each state based on their academic performance, achievements in STEAM fields, and their intention to pursue higher education and careers in a STEAM-related field. McClory expressed her excitement about the camp, stating, “I’m super excited to be around so many science-loving students and to explore amazing STEAM opportunities in West Virginia.” Similarly, Aiello is looking forward to learning more about the STEAM field, saying, “I’m so excited to pursue the interests I’ve developed, surrounded not only by experts and people trained in these fields, but by a group of peers who are just as curious as I am.”

Both students are enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate with professionals and peers who share their passion for science, technology, and other STEAM disciplines. They are eager to make the most of this unique learning experience and are looking forward to the knowledge and skills they will gain from the camp.

By Samantha Johnson

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