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Union workers at Equitas Health ratify initial contract

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 1, 2024
Union workers at Equitas Health ratify initial contract

Equitas Health union workers have recently ratified their first contract with the LGBTQ+ health provider. Equitas Health Workers United, the union representing over 200 frontline client-facing employees at 15 Equitas Health locations throughout the state, shared the news of the contract’s ratification on Friday. This agreement includes salary increases, a signing bonus, and worker protections like a binding grievance and arbitration process. Approximately 75% of union members participated in the vote, with an overwhelming 96% voting in favor of the contract.

The journey to achieving this contract began in 2021 when Equitas workers started organizing. They filed for a union election in May 2022 and emerged victorious in August 2022. The approval of the contract coincides with the appointment of a new CEO, David Ernesto Munar, aged 54, who commenced his role on Monday, taking over from interim CEO Robert Copeland, who resigned last June. During the search for a permanent CEO, a four-person leadership council was managing the organization.

The contract outlines various benefits for workers, including a 2% retroactive raise effective from Jan. 1, in addition to a recent 3% raise, a $1,000 signing bonus, increased compensation for educational advancements, paid time off for community volunteering, and other perks. Equitas Health stands as one of the largest LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS healthcare service providers in the US. For more information, reach out to mawilliams@dispatch.com or follow @BizMarkWilliams for updates.

By Samantha Johnson

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