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United States intensifies its examination of China’s lidar technology

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 12, 2024
United States intensifies its examination of China’s lidar technology

The White House has recently announced an investigation into national security risks associated with Chinese autonomous driving technology, specifically focusing on companies like Hesai Technology. This move comes in response to worries that state-subsidized Chinese vehicles could enter the U.S. market and potentially collect sensitive data using lidar sensors, which have military applications as well.

In Washington, lobbyists are actively working to sever ties with Hesai Technology as part of efforts to address these concerns. The fear is that Chinese advancements in connected cars could pose a threat to U.S. national security, prompting the need for closer scrutiny of companies like Hesai Technology.

The U.S. government’s actions are driven by a desire to protect American interests and prevent the unauthorized collection of data through autonomous driving technology. With the potential for Chinese companies to influence the market and access critical information through their technology, it is crucial for policymakers to address these concerns and ensure the security of sensitive data.

By Samantha Johnson

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