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Unlocking the Benefits: Sports for Kids Timmins Helps Families Provide their Children with Valuable Opportunities


Feb 13, 2024
Applications Now Open for New Round of Kids Sports Programs

As the deadline for the next round of Sports for Kids Timmins applications approaches, eligible families are encouraged to submit their applications by March 10. The program provides financial assistance to families who want to enroll their children in organized sports that start before August 31. To be eligible, families must submit financial documents and complete a parental agreement. More information about the application process and how to donate to the organization can be found on their website, sportsforkidstimmins.com.

Sports for Kids Timmins is a charity that provides financial support to families who want their children to participate in organized sports. The organization is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., where people can apply and find out more about how they can help support the cause by donating as a charity. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations made, providing an added benefit for those who choose to support this important cause.

With the growing popularity of organized sports among children, it’s no surprise that Sports for Kids Timmins has become increasingly popular over the years. The program has helped countless families provide their children with opportunities they may not have had otherwise, allowing them to develop new skills and interests while also promoting physical activity and health.

If you know a family who could benefit from this program or would like more information on how you can help support Sports for Kids Timmins as a charity, visit their website today at sportsforkidstimmins.com or contact them directly at [insert contact information].

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