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Unstoppable Scoring Spree: Filipovity Leads Maine Black Bears to Thrilling Victory over UMass-Lowell

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Maine Secures 71-65 Victory over UMass-Lowell

On Tuesday night, the Maine Black Bears emerged victorious over UMass-Lowell with a final score of 71-65. Peter Filipovity was the standout player of the match, scoring 27 points and grabbing seven rebounds. His impressive performance was crucial in securing the win for the Black Bears, who now have a season record of 15-16 and 7-9 in the America East Conference.

Quion Burns also made a significant contribution to the team’s effort, scoring 11 points and pulling down 10 rebounds. He shot 4 for 12 and hit two out of three from beyond the arc. Jaden Clayton also had an outstanding game, scoring 11 points and grabbing six rebounds while dishing out seven assists and making five steals. He hit four out of nine shots from the field and one out of three from beyond the arc.

The River Hawks were led by Cam Morris III, who finished with 22 points, ten rebounds, and two blocks. Brayden O’Connor contributed 13 points and seven rebounds to their efforts. Quinton Mincey also had a solid performance, scoring 13 points and making three steals. The River Hawks now have a season record of 20-9 and are sitting atop their conference with an impressive mark of 11-5.

By Samantha Johnson

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