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Unveiling the Numbers: The Potential Earnings of Developing Your Own App

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 17, 2024
Unveiling the Numbers: The Potential Earnings of Developing Your Own App

The company’s research shows that only 17.2% of apps reach a monthly income of $1,000, with 59% of those apps going on to reach $2,500 and 60% of those reaching $5,000. Only 3.5% of apps reach $10,000 in revenue. Health and fitness apps perform the best, generating more revenue after a year compared to other categories. Travel and productivity apps struggle the most, with even the top 5% earning less than $1,000 per month after a year.

The most common price for a monthly subscription remains $10, but the average price has increased by 14% to $8. The percentage of monthly subscriptions remaining after a year dropped by 14%, suggesting that consumers are canceling subscriptions they no longer need. However, the industry is still growing, with 1.7% of downloads converting to paying subscriptions each month.

Looking ahead, the company predicts that subscription prices will continue to rise and apps may combine subscription models with other payment methods like one-time in-app purchases, ads, e-commerce partnerships, and AI integration for personalization. Ren Shan TCM offers a comprehensive method for postpartum care, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of new mothers to help them embrace their roles confidently.

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By Samantha Johnson

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