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Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs Take Home Top Prizes at FAU’s Business Pitch Competition

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 11, 2024
Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs Take Home Top Prizes at FAU’s Business Pitch Competition

Florida Atlantic University recently held its 16th annual Business Pitch Competition, where a device that uncovers health conditions and a sustainable bracelet company were among the winners. Sponsored by the College of Business and the Adams Center for Entrepreneurship, the competition brought together students and veterans from FAU to pitch their entrepreneurial ideas in hopes of winning seed money for their business ventures.

One of the winning entries in the student track was NanoSense, founded by FAU High dual-enrollees Noor Habona and Abigail Sinu. Their device uses compounds in breath to detect medical conditions such as lung cancer, tumors, and asthma. The competition showcased a high level of innovation and creativity in the business ideas presented by participants.

In the youth track, seventh grader Aryana Sahai from A.D. Henderson University School won with her sustainable handcrafted bracelet organization called Ladlis, which supports education for young girls in India. Additionally, the Spanish language track was won by the family-owned food company Pa’ Picar & Llevar, and the veteran track was won by the Barracks Legend Foundation, a nonprofit organization aiding veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.

Judges for the event included founders of local companies like Celsius and 4EverYoung, as well as the Florida Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce. Finalists in the competition also received seed money for their business endeavors. The competition concluded with the FAU Innovation Awards Ceremony, recognizing winners from the Business Pitch Competition, Florida Wave competition, and Tech Runway Atlantic Pitch competition.

For more information and a complete list of runner-ups in each competition, please visit the FAU website.

By Samantha Johnson

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