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US Pushes for Tighter Semiconductor Restrictions on China in Key Allies: Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Germany

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Bloomberg reports that the US urges allies to restrict China’s access to chip technology

The U.S. government is pushing for stricter restrictions on China’s access to semiconductor technology in countries like Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Germany. According to a report by Bloomberg News, American officials have raised concerns about China using advanced chips for military purposes, prompting discussions on export controls during a recent meeting in Tokyo.

In response to these concerns, the U.S. is calling on Japanese companies to limit exports of specialized chemicals used in chipmaking to China, such as photoresist. Additionally, the U.S. is urging the Netherlands to prevent semiconductor equipment maker ASML from servicing and repairing chipmaking equipment for Chinese clients that were purchased before restrictions were imposed this year. Both Tokyo and The Hague are reportedly considering the impact of their current restrictions before deciding on any further actions.

Representatives of the U.S. Commerce Department, Japan’s trade ministry, the Dutch foreign ministry, and ASML have not responded to requests for comment regarding these measures. However, it is clear that the U.S. government is taking steps to protect its national security interests by limiting China’s access to advanced semiconductor technology.

By Samantha Johnson

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