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US Transfers Guns and Ammunition to Ukraine Allegedly Captured from Iran

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 9, 2024
US Transfers Guns and Ammunition to Ukraine Allegedly Captured from Iran

The US military recently announced that it had transferred personal weapons and over half a million rounds of ammunition to Ukraine. These items were confiscated from boats that were being transported from Iran to Yemen. The transfer included more than 5,000 AK-47s, machine guns, sniper rifles, RPG-7 anti-tank guns, and 500,000 rounds of ammunition. The US Army Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed that the transfer took place on April 4.

The weapons and ammunition were seized from four ships that were intercepted by the US military between May 2021 and February 2023. They were believed to be intended for the Houthi forces in Yemen by the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). This shipment is said to be enough to equip a brigade in Ukraine. CENTCOM accused Iran of supporting armed groups in the Middle East, which poses a threat to international and regional security.

The decision to transfer the weapons and ammunition to Ukraine was made due to a shortage of ammunition in the country. This shortage occurred because aid packages worth $60 billion were delayed in the US Congress and support from other Western countries was also delayed. However, the weapons and ammunition transferred may not fully meet Ukraine’s needs for important military supplies such as artillery shells and anti-aircraft missile shells.

Tensions in the Middle East have been escalating, with various attacks and incidents involving different armed groups and countries. General Michael Kurilla of CENTCOM commented that the region is currently experiencing the most instability in the past 50 years. Despite supporting militia groups, Iran claims that it does not want war with the United States. They are working to address the destabilizing activities in the region.

In light of the ongoing conflicts and instability in the Middle East, the transfer of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine represents a strategic move by the US military to support its allies and deter threats in the region.

By Samantha Johnson

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