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USA prepares for retaliation in case of a nuclear attack

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 11, 2024
USA prepares for retaliation in case of a nuclear attack

In the fall of 2022, the Ukrainian armed forces found themselves in a precarious situation as they managed to corner the Russian army during a counteroffensive in the east of the country. What initially appeared to be a victorious advance for Ukraine quickly turned into a dangerous time. A report from The New York Times indicated that the likelihood of Russia using nuclear weapons had increased to 50 percent or higher, based on intercepted and confidential communications.

In October 2022, US President Joe Biden warned that Russia was threatening to use nuclear weapons for the first time since Hiroshima and Nagasaki if the situation continued to escalate. The possibility of nuclear deployment was no longer a distant threat, but could potentially occur within weeks. In response, the US government prepared non-nuclear countermeasures and engaged in diplomatic discussions at the highest levels.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz reportedly held discussions with Chinese President Xi Jingping in November 2022 regarding the threat of a global nuclear war stemming from the crisis in Eurasia. Xi publicly emphasized the need to avoid a nuclear crisis, though it remains unclear whether he personally warned Russian President Vladimir Putin about the potential use of nuclear weapons.

Despite Russia’s claims that it did not intend to use nuclear weapons, CIA chief William J. Burns was informed by the head of Russian foreign intelligence that there would be consequences for such actions. The situation remained tense and uncertain, with various diplomatic efforts and countermeasures being explored to prevent a catastrophic outcome.

By Samantha Johnson

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