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VA Health Care Now Available to All Veterans Exposed to Hazards

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 1, 2024
VA Health Care Now Available to All Veterans Exposed to Hazards

The Department of Veterans Affairs recently announced that all veterans who were exposed to toxins or other hazards are now eligible to enroll in VA health care. This includes veterans who were exposed to chemicals, pesticides, lead, asbestos, certain paints, nuclear weapons, x-rays, and more while serving at home or abroad. The updated eligibility criteria encompass all veterans who served in the Vietnam War, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other combat zone after 9/11. This expansion of health care services has been implemented after the VA eliminated an eligibility phase-in that was called for by the PACT Act.

Jennifer DeFrancesco, the director of the Dayton VA Medical Center, is encouraging all veterans to learn more about their eligibility and take advantage of the benefits available to them. She emphasized the importance of getting a toxic exposure screening and ensuring that veterans are documented in the system to access possible health care benefits and other entitlements. Millions of veterans are now eligible for VA health care up to eight years earlier than initially proposed by the law.

Since the March 5 launch of the expanded eligibility criteria, the Dayton VA Medical Center has already enrolled more than 150 new veterans for health care. Eligible veterans can sign up for VA health care services online, by phone, mail, or in person at the Dayton VA or the nearest VA medical center. It is essential for veterans who believe they may qualify for these benefits to take action and enroll to access the care and support they deserve.

By Samantha Johnson

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