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Van Hool delays bankruptcy decision for an additional week as they focus on restart plans

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 2, 2024
Van Hool delays bankruptcy decision for an additional week as they focus on restart plans

No decision has been made yet at bus builder Van Hool regarding a possible bankruptcy. The board of directors met on Tuesday and decided to take an additional week to negotiate a quick restart of the company. Last week, a family dispute among the family shareholders appeared to be unsolvable, leading to expectations of the company closing its doors today. Despite these challenges, the board remains determined to secure a sustainable future for Van Hool.

Van Hool has stated that it will use the extra week to explore the possibility of a quick restart. They have intensified the parallel process of investigating alternative scenarios, including discussions with potential acquirers. These discussions are described as constructive and conducted in a positive atmosphere. While the company is still facing the threat of bankruptcy, it is hopeful for a restart and retaining some of its activities and employment.

Last week, it was announced that Dutch competitor VDL and German Schmitz Cargobull are collaborating on a takeover bid for Van Hool, with entrepreneur Guido Dumarey also expressing interest. Additionally, there is a fourth, smaller candidate in the mix. The management is prioritizing communication with all stakeholders, paying particular attention to the employees. However, specific plans for the future of the company or any potential restructuring have not been disclosed at this time.

By Samantha Johnson

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