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Vancouver grapples with updated costs for hosting 2026 FIFA World Cup matches

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Vancouver uncertain about hosting costs for the 2026 FIFA World Cup due to increased number of games

The City of Vancouver is currently struggling to provide a complete estimate of the costs associated with hosting 2026 FIFA World Cup matches. This is because they will be hosting two more games than originally expected. Initially, the cost was projected to be $230 million for hosting five matches, mainly going towards event security. However, with the addition of two more games, the city states that the original estimate is now outdated.

The city is currently in discussions with FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, to determine the anticipated costs and benefits of hosting the additional matches. There is no set date for when this information will be released. The estimate also does not include any renovations to B.C. Place, with PavCo, the Crown corporation that owns the stadium, issuing a request for proposal for a construction manager in December.

B.C. Place, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, will require upgrades such as more VIP suites, hospitality space on the third level, improvements to food-court concessions, renovation of washrooms, and installation of additional elevators. The City of Vancouver has stated that the additional games are expected to bring in more revenue.

In order to update their cost estimates accurately, the city plans to assess the impacts of hosting seven matches against current assumptions. While still in the early stages of analyzing the impact, they anticipate increased revenue opportunities from commercial partners and match day sales.

By Samantha Johnson

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