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Vena Offers Durable and Protective Smartphone Covers with Additional Features like Card Storage and a Stand for Watching Movies


Feb 12, 2024
Turn your Galaxy S24 and iPhone 15 into a wallet with the vena cover

In the event of a crash, your smartphone is protected with vCommute cover. This cover has a hardened structure made of two-layer polycarbonate and TPU, which safeguards the corners of your phone and allows it to withstand 26 drops from a height of 1.22 meters. The vCommute cover is comfortable to hold and features protection for physical buttons, allowing for wireless charging and use with magnetic mounts in the car.

On the back of this cover is a compartment for storing three physical cards that can be easily accessed by opening the back part of the cover. Additionally, this section serves as a stand for watching movies on your smartphone. The vCommute cover is available for purchase in NIS 110 to 185 (30 to 50 dollars) depending on the model.

If you’re looking for a lighter and thinner option, vena offers the OutCross cover. This cover provides protection against drops and shocks and includes an elevation in the lens and screen area for better protection. However, over time, the color of this cover may start to fade. The OutCross can be purchased for 55 to 110 shekels (15 to 30 dollars) depending on the model and sale.

Overall, vena offers durable and protective smartphone covers with additional features like card storage and a stand for watching movies.

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