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VW Manager Seeks Justice in Red Light Trial Involving Sex Workers and Fraud


Feb 10, 2024
Volkswagen: Senior executive attempts to purchase call girls, loses 154,000 euros

Klaus F., a 59-year-old VW manager, struggled to make it to court to seek justice in a red light trial involving the Hanover regional court. He was a witness and had to answer intimate questions about his relationships with prostitutes who were accused of defrauding him out of approximately 154,000 euros. Despite the young call girls being accused of cheating him, Klaus F. saw them as “great actresses.”

Klaus F. believed he was a caring “sugar daddy,” but felt taken advantage of by the girls he built relationships with. He even went as far as to spend tens of thousands of euros to help one of the girls leave her environment. The manager had several young playmates who reportedly deceived him and emptied his pockets. He built relationships with three other “friends” to the teenager, all of whom supposedly had financial problems that Klaus F. readily solved. The girls told him that brutal rockers and an Arab clan were forcing them into buying brothels and needed 20,000 euros each for protection. Klaus F. viewed it as a loan and felt he had no choice but to give them the money to protect them from harm.

After transferring the money, relationships with the girls cooled down, and meetings became less frequent. Eventually, Klaus F. learned that he had been deceived and went to the police in an attempt to get his money back. It was later revealed that Jasam K., a German-Iraqi from Stadthagen (Lower Saxony), was behind the scam and confessed to forcing and exploiting the girls into prostitution. The process continues on February 15th as Klaus F., along with others involved in this case, wait for justice in this ongoing fraud trial at Hanover regional court.

In summary: A VW manager named Klaus F., aged 59, struggled in court seeking justice for being defrauded by prostitutes accused of stealing around 154,000 euros from him over three years ago during their sexual relationship while building their trust through financial support when they claimed they were struggling financially due to their family issues or gang affiliations threatening them with violence if they didn’t pay up for protection fees ranging from 20k-37k euros per girl every few months until they turned against him by blocking contact after receiving payment resulting in legal action taken against them which led them revealing Jasam K., an Iraqi man based in Stadthagen (Lower Saxony) who admitted guilt for exploiting these women through human trafficking while forcing them into prostitution which caused Klaus F.’s case is currently ongoing at Hanover regional court on February 15th.

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