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Warrior Run sophomore Reagan Milheim clinches first state title

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 10, 2024
Warrior Run sophomore Reagan Milheim clinches first state title

Warrior Run sophomore Reagan Milheim experienced a devastating loss in the state title as a freshman, but he was determined to avenge it and succeeded at the Giant Center on Saturday. In a 3-1 decision win over Mason Barvitskie from Southern Columbia, Milheim claimed the 145 state championship. This victory marked the culmination of a season where he secured sectional, district, and state titles after facing Barvitskie four times in the postseason.

Despite a recent loss to Barvitskie at the Northeast AA Regional, Milheim was able to bounce back and secure the win with a tied match in the third period followed by a last-second takedown. With a record of 49-3, including 21 pins and 4 tech falls, Milheim built upon his successful freshman season. He now enters his junior season with impressive accomplishments, including two sectional titles, two district titles, a state silver, and two regional silvers. He also came close to reaching 100 career wins.

In the face of adversity, Milheim’s determination and skill led him to this state championship victory and set him up for continued success in his wrestling career.

By Samantha Johnson

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