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Wayzim Technology Receives CE Certification from SGS for New Automation Products, Boosting International Competitiveness

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 5, 2024
Wayzim Technology’s New Automation Products Receive CE Certification

Recently, Wayzim Technology, a Chinese manufacturer of logistics equipment, has received CE certification from SGS for their new automation products – the Vision Singulator and Fast Scanner. This certification was granted after rigorous safety assessments and testing to ensure that the products meet global standards, allowing for their sale on the EU market.

A spokesperson for Wayzim expressed their delight at receiving this certification, emphasizing their dedication to meeting regulatory requirements for exporting their equipment worldwide. Through their collaboration with SGS, they are able to offer a quality guarantee for their intelligent logistics equipment, enhancing the international competitiveness of their products.

The Vision Singulator and Fast Scanner showcase advanced technologies such as deep learning, image processing, sensor control, and various functions like code reading, weighing, measuring, and sorting to increase efficiency. SGS worked closely with Wayzim to conduct detailed engineering assessments and develop technical proposals that aligned with EU safety standards. This was followed by extensive safety structure assessments, electrical and mechanical safety tests, and electromagnetic compatibility assessments to achieve full certification.

Keith Hutchinson, SGS deputy director for C&P global certification

By Samantha Johnson

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