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Weather Outlook for Tomorrow: Mild Temperatures and Potential Snowfall


Nov 19, 2023

The upcoming week in Croatia is expected to bring some changes to the weather across the country. On Monday, there will be a strengthening of the south wind, resulting in warmer temperatures and new cloud cover. Rain is predicted in several areas, particularly in the northern Adriatic and mountainous regions.

On Tuesday, a strong storm is expected to hit northern Croatia, with heavy rainfall and cooling temperatures. Some places may even see snow in the mountains, with Wednesday being particularly windy and cold. However, by Thursday, the weather is expected to become more stable and calmer.

In eastern Croatia on Monday, partly sunny skies are forecasted with light wind. In central Croatia on Tuesday morning, foggy skies with temperatures between 0 and 5°C are likely to occur. The northern Adriatic and highlands will experience cloudy skies with rain becoming more frequent in the evening, while Dalmatia will have moderate cloud cover and some rain towards the end of the day.

On Wednesday in southern Croatia, gradual cloud cover is expected with moderate south winds and temperatures ranging from 16 to 18°C. By Thursday, mostly sunny skies are predicted with weak to moderate northeasterly winds.

Overall, this week’s weather forecast for Croatia predicts some instability due to the potential for rainstorms and cooler temperatures throughout different regions of the country. However, as we move closer to Thursday and Friday, stability returns as mostly sunny skies take over with weak winds blowing through most parts of Croatia.

It’s important for travelers planning trips during this time period to check frequently updated weather forecasts before departing for their destination within Croatia.

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