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What is your family’s history of heart health?

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 13, 2024
What is your family’s history of heart health?

There are some tests that can measure heart risk factors that are not a standard part of care. Assessing your family history of heart health can help determine if you could benefit from these tests. You can use free online tools, such as Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center’s family health risk calculator, to measure your hereditary risk. By entering your information, you can receive suggestions such as speaking with your doctor or a genetic counselor based on your results.

Professionals may suggest tests like a blood test to check for high levels of lipoprotein(a), a form of bad cholesterol that increases the risk for heart attack and stroke. This type of cholesterol is mostly inherited and is not easily modified by lifestyle changes or medications like statins. Another test that may be recommended is a coronary calcium scan, which can detect calcium levels and help identify coronary artery disease at an early stage. This test is often recommended for those over 40 years old.

It is important to note that these tests are typically not covered by insurance, but they can be life-saving. In our research, we found that an Lp(a) test can cost between $40 and $600, while a coronary calcium scan can cost between $100 and $400. In some cases, these tests may be necessary for individuals with genetic heart disease risk factors to determine their risk of cardiovascular disease and take appropriate preventive measures.

By Samantha Johnson

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