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Which items rose in price and fell in price in Belgium in March, with inflation holding steady?

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 30, 2024
Which items rose in price and fell in price in Belgium in March, with inflation holding steady?

In March, inflation in our country remained relatively stable at 3.18 percent, according to figures from the Federal Economy Service. This was only a slight decrease from the 3.2 percent inflation rate in February and the 1.75 percent rate in January. Prices of fresh seafood and olive oil increased significantly compared to March last year, by more than 44 and 31 percent respectively. On the other hand, electricity, tea, and various types of milk became cheaper compared to a year ago.

Among the items that became cheaper in March were cocoa and powdered chocolate, which dropped by over 8 percent compared to the previous year. However, in international markets, cocoa reached a record high price in March, which may eventually affect consumers in the retail stores. Food inflation has been decreasing for the past twelve months, with food prices now 3.21 percent higher than they were a year ago. This trend reflects a ongoing decrease in food prices despite some fluctuations in specific food items.

Overall, the consumer price index in March showed a mixed picture with some items becoming more expensive while others saw a decrease in prices. It will be interesting to see how these changes in inflation rates will impact consumers and the overall economy in the coming months.

By Samantha Johnson

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