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Will Firing Matt Canada Bring Changes to the Steelers?


Nov 21, 2023

Matt Canada, who was recently moved from the booth to the sideline, has been completely removed from the stadium by the Pittsburgh Steelers. While it may seem surprising that a 6-4 team would make such a change just two days before Thanksgiving, it appears to be working as they continue to win and remain competitive. However, one issue that has been plaguing the team for much of the season is their poor offense. Despite being outgained in every game so far, they have yet to develop a clear strategy for exploiting opposing defenses.

On Sunday, the Jaylen Warren show was once again on display as he led the way with 10 total points. However, it was also a chaotic scene with reported incidents involving receiver Diontae Johnson being carried away by a member of the coaching staff and head coach Mike Tomlin stepping in to resolve a kerfuffle. Running back Najee Harris even made post-game comments indicating that he had reached his breaking point.

So what’s next for the Steelers? It remains unclear how they will operate offensively moving forward as there are conflicting reports regarding who will call plays and run shows. It’s possible that running backs coach Eddie Faulkner will take on this role while quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan calls plays. However, it’s important to note that Cam Cameron was fired by the Ravens in December 2012 after going 9-3 but winning the Super Bowl under Jim Caldwell’s leadership. Kenny Pickett may not be Joe Flacco in his prime and could be serviceable but lacks big throws into tight spots and limited mobility. The possibility of making a pivot to Mitch Trubisky or another QB may arise in both short term and long term as Justin Fields or Kyler Murray could be considered for 2024 market.

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