• Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

WNW Stock Takes a Dip: Decrease of 44.37% in Value Over the Past Month


Feb 10, 2024
Meiwu Technology Co Ltd (WNW) Experiences 9.52% Decline in Premarket Trading

Meiwu Technology Co Ltd (WNW) experienced a significant decrease of 44.37% in stock value over the past month, closing at $3.56 on January 12. The stock’s value fluctuated between a low of $1.00 and a high of $11.11 during this time period.

In pre-market trading on Friday morning, WNW saw a decrease of -9.52%, with the stock trading at 1.52. This drop in stock value indicates a less bullish trend over the last month compared to the majority of stocks on the market, with a short-term technical score of 5. In the Internet Retail industry, WNW ranks higher than only 13% of stocks, placing it at 130 out of 146 industries.

Overall, WNW has an Overall Score of 9, indicating a significant change in the stock’s performance. It is advisable to seek further analysis for more detailed rankings and information on WNW.

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