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Woman to be compensated 12 million for doctors’ negligence during her mother’s pregnancy

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 16, 2024
Woman to be compensated 12 million for doctors’ negligence during her mother’s pregnancy

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court has ruled that the state will pay compensation of approximately 12 million shekels to a 24-year-old woman suffering from various health problems due to the negligence shown by Rambam Hospital during her mother’s pregnancy. According to reports from Ynet, Judge Oded Shaham emphasized that the young woman will not be able to work or study for the rest of her life, as she requires constant care and assistance to perform basic daily tasks such as personal hygiene and cooking.

The case dates back to the end of 1999 when the mother of the young woman was taken to RAMBAM at the 24th week of pregnancy with a suspected lack of amniotic fluid. Despite the parents’ decision to terminate the pregnancy due to the risks involved, the hospital doctors postponed the abortion at the last moment, citing an “improvement in the condition.” The baby was born with various health problems, including a heart defect and neurological disorders like low intelligence and speech difficulties.

Years later, the parents filed a medical malpractice lawsuit, which resulted in the recent ruling by Judge Shaham. He stated that if the hospital had acted reasonably, they would have referred the parents for genetic counseling and a decision would have been made to terminate the pregnancy. Due to the hospital’s negligence, they are required to pay compensation to the young woman and her parents.

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By Samantha Johnson

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