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Worries Mount About Mike Tyson’s Health Prior to Jake Paul Bout

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 17, 2024
Worries Mount About Mike Tyson’s Health Prior to Jake Paul Bout

The boxing world is abuzz with concern over Mike Tyson’s decision to make a comeback fight against Jake Paul. At 57 years old and retired since 2005, Tyson faces serious health risks, including brain hemorrhage, as a result of returning to professional boxing after such a long hiatus. In stark contrast to Tyson’s experience, Jake Paul, at 27, is a young and ambitious boxer aiming for future titles. The significant age difference between the two fighters has stirred controversy in the boxing community.

Senior lecturer in medicine, Stephen Hughes, has highlighted the potential dangers Tyson is facing, such as subdural hematoma, a condition where brain veins rupture, leading to serious consequences like confusion, loss of consciousness, and even death. Tyson’s history of alcohol abuse further compounds these risks, as it can cause brain shrinkage and increase the likelihood of vein ruptures. Hughes also warns of cardiac fibrosis, a heart condition that can result from extreme exercise in middle age, putting Tyson at risk of heart failure or sudden death.

Despite these concerns, Tyson remains undeterred in his intense training regimen, which he proudly showcases on social media. Looking forward to the challenge, Tyson expressed excitement about stepping into the ring with Jake Paul, acknowledging the younger boxer’s growth and skills. The highly anticipated heavyweight match between Tyson and Paul is scheduled for July 20, 2024, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, with global streaming available on Netflix.

By Samantha Johnson

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