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YOUR HEALTH: Overcoming tragedy for a triumphant journey

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 26, 2024
YOUR HEALTH: Overcoming tragedy for a triumphant journey

Vishal Shukla’s incredible journey from a tragic accident on a California beach to conquering Oregon’s Mount Hood has amazed doctors who initially told him he would never walk again. At 24 years old, Shukla now shows no signs of the devastating injuries that left him paralyzed from the neck down just a year ago.

After shattering his C5 vertebrae in a body surfing accident, Shukla was given a grim prognosis by doctors. As someone who had always been active in surfing, hiking, and climbing, the news was especially difficult to hear. He watched helplessly as his body deteriorated during his initial recovery period.

Despite the challenges, Shukla found inspiration and set his sights on climbing Mt. Hood, a goal that seemed impossible at the time. With determination and perseverance, he began taking small steps towards recovery, starting with the twitch of a finger and eventually walking one mile just one month after the accident. With the guidance of his physical therapist, Peter Spence, Shukla made remarkable progress in a short amount of time.

Just 14 months after his accident, Shukla achieved his goal of summiting Mount Hood, not only for personal fulfillment but also to raise funds for a non-profit rehab facility called Neuroworx. Through his incredible journey of recovery and mountain climbing, Shukla’s story serves as a reminder of the power of determination and resilience in the face of adversity.

By Samantha Johnson

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