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Yuval Noah Harari discusses the unjust nature of the world and the potential for change

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 11, 2024
Yuval Noah Harari discusses the unjust nature of the world and the potential for change

During a live conversation at the 92nd Street Y in NYC, bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari and Ian Bremmer discussed the foundational role of storytelling in human civilization. Harari explains that humans have thrived on their ability to construct and believe in shared stories, which has shaped societies, governments, and laws. However, this same capability has also led to wars, inequality, and exploitation. According to Harari, humans fight over imaginary stories in their minds rather than territory and food.

The conversation then delves into current global crises, including the wars in Ukraine and Gaza. Harari warns that a Russian victory in Ukraine could potentially signal the end of the global order as we know it, suggesting that we may already be in the midst of World War III. They also discuss AI’s emerging role in creating and disseminating stories, raising concerns about how AI may dominate narratives and challenge the foundations of democracy.

Harari specifically addresses the critical situation in Israel, criticizing government attempts to undermine democratic institutions and highlighting an ideological battle that could alter the essence of Judaism and Israeli identity. He emphasizes the importance of balancing support for Palestinian rights with the defense of Israel’s existence, challenging the notion that these positions are inherently contradictory.

Overall, Harari and Bremmer explore the impact of storytelling on human civilization, the geopolitical implications of current conflicts, the role of AI in shaping narratives, and the challenges facing societies in the modern world. Viewers can catch GZERO World with Ian Bremmer every week online and on US public television.

By Samantha Johnson

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