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EVS LiveCeption to Enhance Alkass Sports Production Coverage

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 17, 2024
EVS LiveCeption to Enhance Alkass Sports Production Coverage

Alkass, the award-winning Qatari network known for its extensive coverage of international and domestic sporting events, is planning to enhance its production capabilities by adopting EVS’ LiveCeption Signature solution for premium live production and replays. The agreement between the two parties, announced at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, represents a significant step forward for Alkass. They will be replacing all legacy XT3 servers with the state-of-the-art XT-VIA servers and incorporating IP-based LSM-VIA replay systems. The new solution will be deployed across Alkass’ fleet of OB trucks in August.

The decision to replace all legacy XT3 servers with EVS XT-VIA servers, along with the incorporation of IP-based LSM-VIA replay systems, was announced by both companies at NAB 2024. This solution ensures support for all the latest formats and codecs, making Alkass future-ready and adaptable to their evolving needs. Operators will have fast and direct access to network content, enabling them to navigate through live content efficiently and create compelling replays and highlights of every captured moment. Additionally, the solution provides the option to integrate XtraMotion, EVS’ AI-based super slow-motion service, enhancing storytelling capabilities with super slow-motion replays.

Issa bin Abdullah Al Hitmi, General Manager at Alkass, expressed excitement about integrating EVS’ XT-VIA servers in their OB trucks after experiencing the benefits of EVS’ XS-VIA servers in their studio operations. He emphasized expanding the partnership with EVS to elevate production operations further. Serge Van Herck, CEO at EVS, highlighted the trust Alkass has placed in EVS and expressed confidence that the LiveCeption Signature solution will provide them with unmatched capabilities for immersive live storytelling and audience engagement.

By Samantha Johnson

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