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Apple alerts users in nearly 100 countries about mercenary spy software detection

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 11, 2024
Apple alerts users in nearly 100 countries about mercenary spy software detection

Users from nearly a hundred countries have received notifications from the Apple team alerting them to the presence of mercenary spy software on their devices. They are encouraged to take measures to protect their equipment. Since 2021, Apple has sent threat notifications to its users several times a year, detecting mercenary spy attacks in more than 150 countries.

The firm has stated that the nature and sophistication of these attacks make them one of the most advanced digital threats today. According to TechCrunch, iPhone users in 92 countries have been warned of potential mercenary spyware attacks. The company sends notifications to users through its support page and also through email and iMessage.

Apple provides steps for users to protect their devices against these well-funded attacks, including enabling activation lock mode, updating software, setting passwords, and implementing two-factor authentication. The company has not specified why these notifications were sent in order to prevent attackers from adapting their behavior. Previously referred to as “state-sponsored,” these attacks target journalists, activists, politicians, and diplomats globally.

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By Samantha Johnson

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