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Brazilian politicians show solidarity with Israel following attack by Iran

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 15, 2024
Brazilian politicians show solidarity with Israel following attack by Iran

Brazilian authorities expressed their support for Israel following the attack by Iran on Saturday night, in which over 200 drones and missiles were launched against Israel. Additionally, a container ship linked to an Israeli businessman was captured by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the Persian Gulf, a major trade route.

Governor of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas, showed his solidarity with Israel in a post on social media shortly after the attack, expressing concern about the escalating tension and advocating for a peaceful resolution. Senator Damares Alves also called for prayers for those affected by the attacks on Israel.

Political figures such as the former president Jair Bolsonaro and federal deputies Nikolas Ferreira, Carla Zambelli, and Rodolfo Nogueira, have all made statements regarding the situation. Bolsonaro shared a video of his visit to Israel, while Ferreira demanded government action against the attacks and Nogueira announced plans to present a motion against the Brazilian government for its response.

The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Itamaraty) released a statement expressing concern about Iran’s actions and the potential spread of hostilities to neighboring countries. However, the opposition criticized the statement for not explicitly condemning Iran’s attacks on Israel.

The international community, including the United States, the European Union, and several other countries, have condemned Iran’s actions. Some Brazilian politicians called attention to the silence of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on the matter, stating that it may compromise Brazil’s security.

By Samantha Johnson

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