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Farmers call for unity to protect the wine industry

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 15, 2024
Farmers call for unity to protect the wine industry

The national president of Cia-Agricoltori Italiani, Cristiano Fini, emphasized the need to come together to preserve and revitalize the economic, social, and cultural value of the Italian wine sector, which is estimated at 30 billion euros. He called for a change in the pace of policies in Europe to be less restrictive and more encouraging for the wine industry, especially as the sector is facing challenges such as a decline in consumption, impact of climate change on yields, and inflation affecting spending.

Fini pointed out that Italy has surpassed France as the top wine producer after 9 years, but consumption is decreasing by 3% per year. He also highlighted the impact of escalating attacks and criminalizations, such as proposed labeling regulations and health warnings on bottles, as well as potential limitations on support and sponsorships. This situation has led to misinformation and alarmism, blurring the line between responsible consumption and abuse.

Vinitaly, the wine exhibition at Veronafiere, provides an opportunity for the industry to come together and address these challenges. Fini stressed the need to push for EU policies that support the promotion of wine, combat alcohol abuse, and avoid overly restrictive measures that could harm wine communities and territories. He highlighted the strategic importance of the wine sector, not just economically and in terms of employment, but also socially and culturally as it represents traditions, customs, history, and landscapes of the regions.

In conclusion, Fini emphasized the importance of enhancing the value of the entire wine supply chain, from the vineyards to the wineries, in order to sustain and grow this vital sector.

By Samantha Johnson

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