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Heterojunction technology reducing costs for solar plant development

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 15, 2024
Heterojunction technology reducing costs for solar plant development

In the evolving solar energy industry, developers of power plants are faced with the challenge of managing costs while navigating obstacles such as permits, grid connections, and supply chain issues. At a recent virtual conference, Christian Comes, Director of European Business Development at Huasun, shared insights into the benefits of the company’s high-efficiency heterojunction technology for large-scale projects.

Comes highlighted that more efficient and reliable modules can help significantly reduce costs in solar projects. Taking a long-term perspective is vital, as it allows for a focus on the overall performance of modules throughout their lifecycle. These considerations are essential for the successful implementation of module products in large-scale projects, helping to overcome barriers to their development.

Heterojunction modules are expected to become a mainstream product in the future, offering excellent energy yield capabilities that are particularly valuable for large-scale plant applications. The higher electricity generation from these modules means fewer modules are required, leading to cost savings related to land, transportation, and installation. By utilizing the advantages of heterojunction technology and continuously improving manufacturing processes, Huasun modules can achieve bifacial yields as high as 85%, delivering greater gains in electricity generation compared to other options.

By Samantha Johnson

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