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Hubbard-Hall Announces Acquisition of Prosys Finishing Technology from CBIA

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 13, 2024
Hubbard-Hall Announces Acquisition of Prosys Finishing Technology from CBIA

Hubbard-Hall Inc., based in Waterbury, has recently acquired Prosys Finishing Technology in order to expand its plating product offerings. The company is a provider of specialty chemicals specifically designed for industrial manufacturing processes.

This acquisition not only broadens Hubbard-Hall’s product offerings but also reinforces its dedication to providing complete customer support, particularly in the Northeast plating market. The company stated in a press release on April 11th that they have gained access to Prosys’ exclusive formulas for cleaning and finishing through this acquisition.

As part of the acquisition deal, Hubbard-Hall will also become a distributor of Pavco, a well-known provider of plating specialties. This move was described as a “big win” by Hubbard-Hall CEO Molly Kellog, who highlighted Pavco’s reputation for offering innovative plating chemistry and outstanding technical service.

Randy DiSano, the former owner of Prosys, will be joining Hubbard-Hall as Senior Product Manager as a result of the acquisition. Kellogg praised DiSano for his customer-centric approach, describing him as knowledgeable, hardworking, and always advocating for the customer. DiSano expressed confidence in Hubbard-Hall’s strong reputation and commitment to innovation, stating that they are the perfect partner to continue Prosys’ legacy.

By Samantha Johnson

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