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Ishpeming Rotary Club gives back to Westwood Business Professionals of America

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 17, 2024
Ishpeming Rotary Club gives back to Westwood Business Professionals of America

The Ishpeming Rotary Club has generously donated $500 to support students from Westwood High School as they prepare to attend the BPA National Leadership Conference in Chicago in May. The donation will help offset costs for students participating in the conference.

Three Westwood juniors, Kaya Etelamaki, Isabella Grochowski, and Clara Kruger, met with members of the Rotary Club to receive the check. They expressed their gratitude for the support from local businesses in Ishpeming.

Etelamaki remarked, “It feels very nice that businesses are helping us and helping their community and their schools near them.” Grochowski added, “It makes me feel like I can do it. And they’re there for me if I can’t do it so it’s just amazing.” Kruger shared, “I feel very supported. I feel more like a part of our community.”

Those interested in supporting the Westwood Business Professionals of America students are encouraged to reach out to Westwood High School. This generous contribution from the Ishpeming Rotary Club demonstrates the community’s commitment to investing in the future leaders of tomorrow.

By Samantha Johnson

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