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Lynchburg’s Centra Health Welcomes New Leadership

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 29, 2024
Lynchburg’s Centra Health Welcomes New Leadership

Centra Health in Lynchburg has announced new leadership, with an interim CEO taking over as the search for a permanent leader begins. After three years, CEO Amy Carrier has stepped down, leading to the appointment of Richard Tugman as interim CEO.

According to Thomas Nygaard, chairman of Centra’s board of directors, the decision for a change in leadership was made through respectful discussions with Carrier. Nygaard emphasized the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry, stating that leadership changes are more frequent now than in the past.

Tugman, who previously served as interim CEO in 2021, is seen as the right person to lead Centra forward. Despite the leadership transition, all ongoing projects in Centra’s modernization plan, such as a behavioral health and rehabilitation hospital and a new medical office building, will continue as planned.

Nygaard mentioned the need for a larger and updated emergency room, which will be addressed through the construction of a new patient care tower. With Tugman in place as interim CEO, Centra has the flexibility to take their time in selecting a permanent CEO, without a specific timeline in place.

As Centra Health moves forward with its leadership transition, the healthcare system remains committed to providing quality care and expanding its services for the Lynchburg community.

By Samantha Johnson

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