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Mayor Adams announces NYC subway is implementing weapons detection technology

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 28, 2024
Mayor Adams announces NYC subway is implementing weapons detection technology

New technology is set to be implemented in the New York City subway system to detect weapons, as announced by Mayor Eric Adams and NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban. The pilot program is expected to begin in a few months. Mayor Adams mentioned that the impact and use policy for electromagnetic weapons detection systems in New York City will be published, initiating a 90-day waiting period before the technology can be tested.

The announcement quickly drew criticism from the Legal Aid Society, which argued that the approach to public safety by the Adams administration is misguided, costly, and invasive of privacy. The group expressed concerns that gun detection systems often trigger false alarms, leading to panic and potentially dangerous situations. New York state and local leaders have been working to enhance safety in the subway, with Governor Kathy Hochul deploying the National Guard and State Police for random bag checks and Commissioner Caban interacting with riders to gather feedback.

Transit crime has increased by 4% this year compared to last year and by 8% compared to 14 years ago. The NYPD recently announced plans to assign 800 additional officers for a week-long crackdown on subway fare evaders and the city is hiring more clinicians to assist individuals dealing with mental health issues. Overall, the city is taking several measures to address safety concerns and improve security in the subway system.

By Samantha Johnson

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